The following are a sample of television and other video appearances. You can follow the links to original websites in another window/tab or watch the videos provided here.

CBC’s The Documentary Channel First Aired November 17th 2012 The Mystery of San Nicandro. Visit the interactive website here.

TVO: The Agenda, Episode: Eye on Eradication, Segment: Poverty Reduction Reboot, September 24th, 2014.

TVO Nov 22cd 2012 Episode Who deserves?

TVO Nov 21st 2012 Why Poverty Blog: Video Reaction to Social Assistance Review

TVO FEB 28 2012 Episode Supporting the System

Other video appearances include:

DeMystifying Medicine: Neil Johnson’s lecture on Code Red video interview contribution from a patient’s perspective.

Cable 14 Hamilton October 31st 2011 For the Record: Why did poverty not play a bigger part in the last provincial election?

Cable14 Hamilton October 3rd 2011 For the Record: Vital Signs

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