A small sampling of radio appearances:

CHML May 25 2015 Billy Kelly Show: Dignity for All – National Poverty Plan (Hour 3)

CHML May 3rd 2013 Billy Kelly Show: Ontario Budget 2013 (Hour 2)

CFMU February 20th 2013 Health Justice Radio: Homelessness Marathon

CJAD 800 AM November 14th 2012 Ric and Suzanne Show: Mystery of San Nicandro

CFMU  OCT 2cd 2012 In the Neighbourhood: Elimination of Discretionary Benefits and Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefits in Ontario

CHML Apr 27th 2012 Billy Kelly Show: Bold Change to Social Assistance Reform

CHML Apr 25th 2012 Billy Kelly Show: Ward Boundary Reform

INDI 101.5 March 21st 2012 In the Neighbourhood: Social Assistance Reform

CHML Feb 7th 2012 Billy Kelly Show:  Interim report on Social Assistance Reform

CBC Radio One December 2cd 2011 We are the 10%: Poverty in Canada Part 1:  Personal stories on being poor in Canada

CHML Oct 18th 2011 Billy Kelly Show: Occupy Movement

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